Wild Blueberries are native to Maine and Eastern Canada, and grow naturally in the environment they were intended to grow in. They are low to the ground and are raked by hand or with raking machines at harvest time, usually August to September. Wild Blueberries offer twice the antioxidant value than highbush cultivated blueberries do. Many people agree that they offer mush more in the way of flavor, as well. We are proud to be the fourth generation to continue this wild Maine tradition on Peaked Mountain Farm.


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Please E-mail PeakedMtFarm@aol.com for information or to reserve Common Milkweed Plugs, Butterfly Weed Plugs, Wild Blueberry Sod, or our Organic Wild Blueberries for the 2016 season. Wholesale buyers can ask for our wholesale price sheet.

We package our native, MOFGA certified organic, Wild Blueberries in 5 pound bulk masters as freezer ready or frozen product. Wild Blueberries can be stored in the freezer up to two years and are as nutritious frozen as they are fresh, plus, they can be used in recipes exactly the same way. So, stock up during the harvest to enjoy antioxidant rich Wild Blueberries all year long.

Our blueberry boxes are 10" x 6.5" x 4.125" and cost $25.00 each. Farm hours are listed on our contact page. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information. 


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PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship our blueberries.
They can be ordered ahead for pick up at the farm during normal farm hours.